Piano concert comments by listeners

“Hey Mark!  Just wanted to thank you again for such a great evening the other night. You are beyond talented and it was such a pleasure to watch you perform 🙂   Please keep in touch!!” Rachel, Toronto

“Hi Mark, Thanks for sending the pic, and thanks again for coming to the house and performing. It was a great gig! I hope we will be able to get together again. ” Colin, Toronto

“Hi Mark, thanks for entertaining us last night, it was awesome!!” Dan, Toronto

“What a great night – thank you for organizing – YOLO!” Nicole, Toronto

“Hey Mark, I forgot to mention – I recently listened to a whole bunch of the music you left us. So cool! It’s solid hearing the full band setup – definitely adds a different dimension to the music. Nice to see both sides for comparison. Anyway- I’m glad you left this with us. Thanks again!” Andrew, Toronto

“Loved, Loved the concert – we will have to have you back. ” Aimee, Kingston

“Okay I just had to put it out there…just in case ya all had doubts… I had the privilege of sitting in the perfect seat to see and feel Mark Critchley play last night and had my mind completely blown. Amazing powerful ecstatic performance… the music genre is entirely his own. Great audience of friends and family too! … Just WOW!” Susan, Vancouver

“What a wonderful night. So nice to have him here.  Mark Critchley what a pleasure.  Please Mark come back again. You are welcome anytime.  So Awesome!!!  I liked it all!!!” Jill, Victoria

“Thank you so much Mark for sharing your world. You are a true master of your craft.  I recommend your talents in anyone’s home and in everyone’s heart!” Karl, Victoria

“You are a true artist and to me that means I love those precious moments when I can connect to the stories you’ve told. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your energy & passion.  Raw & real.  Lots of love Mark!” Sarah, Victoria

“I should write a book … you are a genius – I’ve never seen anything like it on piano before! … What are you doing here? … You even guessed and brought my favorite beer! … Overall the word that comes to mind is Awesome!” Bert, Victoria

“Hi Mark. So glad we got to have you for another show and have the pleasure to share with good company. $$$?. My Dad always said “If you want to dance. You have to pay the piano player!” It was great to hang out with you again for a short while. Brilliant fingers on the hammers my friend! Take care and stay in touch. …  Hey Buddy. Will send you an email with some pics. Thanks again for the amazing show.  Safe journeys” AJ, Edmonton

“Love the memory of your piano concert here.” MaryAnn, North Bay

“A totally enjoyable evening! Loved the diverse selection of songs! Happy New year! SUPER SUPER GREAT!” Michel, North Bay

“This man knows how to play a piano and entertain with background to songs and what thoughts went into the songs to come to fruition…Very Enjoyable!!” John, North Bay

“FANTASTIC & INTRICATE Crazyfingers!! Was a fantastic end to a great day for me.  Thanks so much…” Colin & Janet, Fernie

“Mark you really are Amazing!! So thankful to experience this night!! Wish you all the Best and So hope to see you again!! lots of love.” Deb n Annie, Fernie

“You’re presence in Fernie has enlightened us all. The fresh bright, shared virtuoso talent will linger with us until you return.  Sincerely Appreciated” Terry and Laura, Fernie

“Amazing piano player!! Never seen such excellent calibre so up close.  Thank you for playing in our house to all our friends.  You were the highlight of the year!!” Patty, Fernie

“Mark, thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. I loved seeing you ‘in your element’ singing, playing, story-telling and entertaining.  It’s obvious this is what you are meant to do and I hope you realize your goal of being able to share your music with more people.  I think there’s a wide, eclectic audience out there ready to appreciate what you do… they just have to find out about you.” Sue, Canmore

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